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Three Ways Technology Can Help Dental Patients in Reducing Anxiety   Fear of going to the dentist is a problem that people all over the world face. A recent global survey of 18,000 people found that nearly 61 percent of respondents suffer from dental anxiety and fear. Most of the time, this anxiety manifests itself later in life as dental avoidance, leading to oral health complications.   Anxious patients in a dental office are more irritable, less cooperative, and have

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Best Physical Therapist NJ

Best Physical Therapist New Jersey Flex Physical Therapy   Flex Physical Therapy is a physical therapy facility in New York dedicated to offering high-quality, holistic care at affordable prices to its patients. Manual treatment, hand, and upper extremity training, post-surgery recovery, orthopedic and sports medicine, hip treatment, and orthotics are also available at this facility. Flex Physical Therapy is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association and the American Society of Hand Therapists.   Hi Physio Physical Therapy  

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